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9 AM UK| 10 AM Germany/CEST

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Date: Tuesday, May 21st, 2019
Time: 9 AM UK | 10 AM Germany/CEST 
Duration: 1 Hour
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Register for the Webinar
Date: Tuesday, May 21st, 2019
Time: 9 am BST | 10 am CEST
Duration: 1 Hour

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What ExperTeach has identified as the new needs for training incident response teams

What made their incident response training program so effective

How Cyber Range simulation serves as a key element in ExperTeach’s training program

Webinar: Cybersecurity Training Case Study

From Perimeter to Incident Response

This live webinar will be hosted by ExperTeach, one of Europe's most prominent providers of IT security training, with 15 training center across Europe, and Cyberbit, the world's leading provider of Cyber Ranges. 

The webinar will reveal how ExperTeach transformed training for cybersecurity teams, and aligned with recent industry changes and trends. 

With the industry transitioning from perimeter security and threat prevention, to detection and incident response, training must change as well, and focus on new programs and skill sets.

ExperTeach will present their new, innovative program that now trains incident response teams across Europe in a hands-on way that prepares them for these new needs. This program is based on a Cyber Range simulation platform.

Dr. Andreas Hils

Cybersecurity Training Expert

Andreas Hils is a global expert and thought leader in cybersecurity training and has been serving as a consultant and instructor since 2000. Mr. Hils is an expert in security fundamentals, VPN technologies, LAN security with IEEE 802.1X and network hacking. Andreas is a Certified Cisco (CCNP Security) trainer and Check Point trainer.