Monday, July 29th

10 AM PT | 1 PM ET

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Date: Monday, July 29th, 2019
Time: 10 AM ET | 1 PM PT 
Duration: 1 Hour
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Register for the Webinar
Date: Monday, July 29th, 2019
Time: 10 AM ET | 1 PM PT
Duration: 1 Hour

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What are the top-5 SOC challenges according to over 350 SANS Survey responders

How hands-on training can help overcoming SOC staffing challenges

What are the SOC KPIs most impacted by security orchestration.

SANS SOC Survey Recap - 

Overcoming SOC Staffing Challenges

Cyberbit and SANS have partnered once again to provide the all-new, 2019 SANS SOC Survey. The results of the Survey indicate that staffing continues to be the #1 problem for security-minded organizations, with 58% of respondents citing lack of skilled staff as a barrier to excellence.

This webinar will review the main insights from the SOC survey and provide practical advice for overcoming SOC staffing challenges. 

We will focus on new approaches to SOC team training, orchestration, automation, and how they tie in to enable SOC teams to function in an increasingly challenging reality.

Oren Aspir

Chief Technology Officer


Oren has led complex and high-profile cybersecurity projects worldwide for over a decade, and leads the product and technology vision for Cyberbit since its inception in 2015. Aspir started his career as an officer in an elite IDF technology unit, and joined Elbit Systems’ cyber division as a software development manager for next-generation cyber and intelligence solutions. 

Oren holds an M.Sc., magna cum laude, in management of technology and information systems from Tel Aviv University and a B.Sc. in computer science, cum laude, from the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology.

Yarden Altmann has abundant knowledge in Security Operation Centers (SOC) and Incident response management in highly sensitive organizations. Before joining Cyberbit, she served as a SOC team leader in an elite IDF technology unit. Upon entering civilian life, she managed an MSSP SOC for a cybersecurity consulting company.
Yarden specializes in establishing new SOC units from scratch, tailoring incident response policies and procedures to the organization, and managing daily security operations and professional teams.  
Ms. Altmann has acquired experience in various cybersecurity domains including risk management,  computer and network forensics, IT audits, security regulations, secured architecture design, security products and vendors, threat modeling, etc.

Yarden Altmann

Cyber Security Specialist