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Date: Wednesday, January 20th, 2021
Time: 10 AM CET | 2:30 PM India | 5 PM HK
Duration: 1 Hour

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The Cyberbit SOC Skills Survey: 
How do Pros Build Their SecOps Team? 

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Cyberbit is proud to reveal the results of our first annual SOC Skills Survey! Since the beginning of October, we have surveyed hundreds of SOC Managers, Analysts, and Incident Responders during our training sessions to get their views and opinions on a variety of topics and we are now ready to reveal the results. 

The goal of our survey was to discover how organizations build the human element of their InfoSec organization, focusing on all components including job requirements, recruiting process, current skill levels, training impact, integration of industry best practices and more! 

Using this data, which you have the opportunity to see first, we will help you to improve the way your cyber team is built increasing the security stature of your organization and ensuring the protection of your digital assets from malicious threat actors! 

Copyright © 2020 Cyberbit. Privacy policy

You may be surprised by:


How Well HR Understands Cyber Team Requirements

If Cyber Teams are Actually Prepared for Incidents


If Best Practices Are Integrated into Organizations


About Our Speakers

Stephen Burg

Cyberbit Product Marketing Manager

Steve leads product marketing at Cyberbit and is an expert in immersive training, evaluation, and upskilling with over a decade of experience in consumer behavior. He has led award-winning teams across the globe with significant emphasis on employee training and development.

David Asher 

Cyberbit Product Manager

David Asher is the Cyber Product Manager at Cyberbit, and responsible for strategies in the implementation of SOC policies and procedures. Former MSSP SOC Director at MalamTeam, serving several Israeli corporate customers including finance, governance, transportation, insurance, and startups.