The Cost Savings of SOC Team Training


In this webinar you will learn

How much does SOC training impact on Mean Time-to-Response?

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Training your cybersecurity team is one of your most critical investments - but quantifying the return on this investment, and the impact on cybersecurity KPIs is not easy. Cyberbit and leading research firm TAG Cyber have published a new report that estimates the cost savings, and the KPI improvements, gained by using the Cyberbit skill development platform.

This webinar is all about analytics and numbers. We will explain, in detail, how SOC training impacts your bottom line, and how it improves your KPIs.

Our Speakers

Steve leads product marketing at Cyberbit and is an expert in immersive training, evaluation, and upskilling with over a decade of experience in consumer behavior. He has led award-winning teams across the globe with significant emphasis on employee training and development.

Stephen Burg
Director of Product Marketing, Cyberbit


What are the overall SOC budget savings gained by running next-gen SOC exercises?

How does SOC training reduce recruiting time and costs?

Sharon Rosenman
Chief Marketing Officer, Cyberbit

Sharon is a seasoned cybersecurity expert, with over 20 years of experience in technology companies. Sharon led marketing, product and business development for multiple cybersecurity and technology companies and in the last 3 years, he spearheads Cyberbit’s mission to transform the way Cybersecurity professionals train with Cyberbit Range.  Sharon holds dual bachelor's degrees in film and television and computer science from Tel Aviv University.

Tuesday, October 26th,  10 AM CET | 1:30 PM India | 4 PM HK