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Live demonstration of Epsilon Red ransomware attack  

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Epsilon Red, the bare bones ransomware with loads of PowerShell scripts, was discovered by Sophos while investigating an attack on a US based hospitality provider. The attack, suspected to have originated with the REvil ransomware gang, is powered by a bare-bones malware containing a 64-bit Windows executable has already cost organizations quite a bit of cash. Ensuring your team is prepared for an attack like this should be mandatory. 
In this session, a cyber range instructor will simulate the Epsilon Red attack, as seen from the SOC team’s point of view. During the simulation we will provide valuable information and live examples for the best practices of detecting, investigating, and responding to a ransomware attack. We will also discuss ways security leaders can measure and maximize their SOC team’s ransomware response skills, and plan a skills readiness program accordingly.   

Our Speakers

Steve leads product marketing at Cyberbit and is an expert in immersive training, evaluation, and upskilling with over a decade of experience in consumer behavior. He has led award-winning teams across the globe with significant emphasis on employee training and development.

Stephen Burg
Director of Product Marketing, Cyberbit


Sharon Rosenman
Chief Marketing Officer, Cyberbit

Sharon is a seasoned cybersecurity expert, with over 20 years of experience in technology companies. Sharon led marketing, product and business development for multiple cybersecurity and technology companies and in the last 3 years, he spearheads Cyberbit’s mission to transform the way Cybersecurity professionals train with Cyberbit Range.  Sharon holds dual bachelor's degrees in film and television and computer science from Tel Aviv University.

Tuesday, Nov 30th at 10 AM PT | 1 PM ET

Epsilon Red Ransomware

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How  to accelerate the response
to a ransomware attack 

Ways for security leaders to prepare a ransomware readiness program