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Tuesday, Feb 8th, 2022 / Wednesday, Feb 9th, 2022  

MITRE ATT&CK Experience

What is the Cyberbit           Workshop?

09:00 AM

Welcome session

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The Cyberbit MITRE ATT&CK Workshop is the fastest way to a smarter, stronger, and faster SOC Team. Your SOC will develop experience around attacker behavior mapped to the MITRE ATT&CK framework.

Exercises in the Cyberbit MITRE ATT&CK Workshop are aligned with the MITRE ATT&CK framework and allow workshop attendees to experience 27 MITRE ATT&CK techniques – LIVE. Attendees first participate in cyber labs that deliver fundamental skills in MITRE tactics and techniques and then take part in the live-fire exercise.

The exercise is powered by Cyberbit, the most widely used SOC readiness and cyber skills development platform. This is a 
FREE initiative to promote the Cyberbit platform.

Exercises are limited in space and run in small teams of 8. Seats are available on a first-come basis.

Senior cybersecurity engineer,
Metal fabrication company

Having a threat hunting simulation in an environment was amazing!

The hands-on learning with a real environment is the best!

Cybersecurity engineer,
Metal fabrication company

Loved poking around in the attacker's infrastructure

SOC architect,
Healthcare group

MITRE Tactics and Techniques Labs | Workshop Part #1

Debrief | Workshop Part #1 


Hands-On Live-Fire Exercise | Workshop Part #2

 Debrief | Workshop Part #2 

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How It Works

The workshop runs for one day and you may register up to 3 people from a single organization. They are run in boutique format, in small teams of up to 8, each team led by an experienced Cyberbit instructor. Workshop attendees will take part in cyber labs that deliver fundamental skills in MITRE tactics and techniques and a simulated live-fire cyber-attack where they will practice their response using tools like a firewall, SIEM, and network analysis. The events are virtual and run over Zoom. Attendees will receive login details to the cyber range platform during the session.

Why Should You Attend?

Unique Experience for SOC and Incident Response Professionals of all levels

By attending this FREE high-impact workshop, valued at roughly $1200/person, you will:

  • Improve your incident response skills 
  • Improve teamwork and individual skills
  • Experience a live ransomware attack in a fast-paced, hyper-realistic environment
  • Enjoy two FREE cyber range exercises
  • Get guidance from world-class cyber range instructors
  • Qualify for CPE Credits

Qualify for CPE Credits

Attendees earn CPE Credits, a certificate of completion, and a badge by participating in the Cyberbit workshop. Exercises are eligible for CPE credits with both (ISC)2 and EC-Council. CPE credits for (ISC)2 are submitted automatically by the Cyberbit platform. 

Cyberbit will also provide a debrief session in which training performance is reviewed and training steps are recommended. 


Workshops are in high demand and limited in space. 
Seats are allocated on a first-come basis. Reserve your seat today!

What Participants Said:

Workshop Agenda

Experience 27 MITRE ATT&CK Techniques Including:

Initial Access



Lateral Movement

External Remote Services Command

Exploitation for Client Execution

Remote Services


User Execution

Server Software Component


Defense Evasion

Modify Registry

Impair Defenses

Lateral Tool Transfer

Remote Services


Exfiltration Over Alternative Protocol

Automated Exfiltration

Defense Evasion

Modify Registry

Lateral Tool Transfer


Exfiltration Over Alternative Protocol

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  • Why does Cyberbit offer free ransomware exercises, normally worth $1200 per person?
    Cyberbit provides a leading SOC skill development and readiness platform. We offer these workshops as a promotion for our platform, and to increase awareness for a new and innovative way of preparing SOC teams. We'd love it if you'll find the exercise beneficial and decide to sign up for the platform, however,  we also want your team to learn, enjoy, and make the most of their valuable time, so we will minimize marketing talk during the workshop, and focus on delivering the best possible exercise. 

  • How long is the workshop? 
    The workshop runs for 8 hours, 9 AM EST - 5 PM EST. 

  • What time zone is the workshop?
    The workshop runs in Eastern Standard Time and Pacific Standard Time. We do our best to accommodate attendees in their respective time zones

  • How many people may I register? 
    You may forward this link to 2 additional members of your organization. Total 1-3 participants per organization. We offer private workshops for large teams. Please contact masterclass@cyberbit.com should this be of interest.  
  • What is the quality of the exercise?  
    Workshops run in boutique format, in small teams of up to 8, to maximize your learning experience. 
    Each team is led by an experienced cyber range instructor. 

  • How will the day look like? 
    After joining the zoom session you will receive login details to the cyber range platform and meet the additional participants in your group. We will accommodate you on the cyber range and then simulate 2 full cyberattacks. Your group will practice the investigation and response process using security tools like a firewall, SIEM, and network analysis. Our instructor will guide the group and provide tips that will help you confront similar situations on the job. 

  • Do I need to travel? 
    No, the workshop is virtual and runs over Zoom. You will have remote access to the cyber range and security tools.

  • Will I get proof of participation?
    Yes, you will receive certificates of completion. The workshop qualifies for CPE credits. 
  • Which cybersecurity roles is the workshop for?
    The workshop is recommended for hands-on SOC and IR professionals, and managers.

  • Is the workshop limited to experienced participants? 
  • No, any SOC and IR practitioner will benefit from the workshop. YOU will be asked to provide your level of experience during registration and we will aim to accommodate you in a group that matches your experience.

  • What does it take to qualify for a free workshop?
    As mentioned, we run the workshop in small teams and spaces are very limited., To qualify for the workshop your organization should have a security operations center (SOC) or an incident response team. To approve your attendance you are required to participate in a preparation call, with your manager, where our trainer will acclimate you to the cyber range and review the workshop process.