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The ICL has begun.

Good luck to all the participants!

How Does It Work?

Three Rounds Will Determine Which Team Wins the International Cyber League – SAVE THE DATE!

You will be invited to a kickoff session on May 9th where you will be given access to a set of labs that can help you prepare for the competition. Make sure to take advantage of them as they could provide you with the competitive edge you need to move on!

1st Place

Lenovo Legion 5 15.6" Gaming Laptop

Apple iPhone 13 Pro 

3rd Place

Sony PS5 Disc Games Console

Oculus Quest 2 VR Gaming Headset

Top 40

About Cyberbit

Cyberbit provides the global leading attack readiness platform for enabling incident response teams to maximize their performance when responding to cyberattacks. The Platform empowers security leaders to make the most of their cybersecurity investment by boosting the impact of the human element in their organization. Cyberbit delivers hyper-realistic attack simulation mirroring real-world scenarios. It enables security leaders to dramatically reduce MTTR, dwell time and cybercrime costs, improve hiring and onboarding, and increase employee retention. Customers include Fortune 500 companies, MSSPs, systems integrators, governments, and leading healthcare providers across five continents

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How do I know I’m registered?
You will receive a confirmation email once your registration has been processed.

What does it cost to participate?
Participation is free of charge.


When does registration close?
You can register up until April 28, 2022. Qualifiers begin May 2022 and start beforehand so early registration is recommended.

Where does the competition take place? 
The International Cyber League is entirely virtual and is powered by the Cyberbit SaaS platform.
You can compete remotely from any location, providing that you have a proper internet connection and connectivity to the Cyberbit platform 

Who can take part in the competition?
Any blue team member in the US, Europe, or, the UAE currently employed by a corporate SOC or MSSP may participate. Teams must come from the same organization.

Is there a minimum age?
You must be at least 18 years old and currently
employed in a corporate SOC environment to

How does scoring work?
Scoring is based on the Cyberbit platform. Each
goal included on the platform contains a specific
score tied to it. Hints will cost you points so use
them wisely.




May 10th2022 *

May  16th 2022*

May 23rd 2022*

4th Place

2nd Place

Here are the teams who qualified for the semi-finals: 

What do you need to compete in the ICL?
You need your computer, a browser, a strong internet connection, your teammates, and the ability to connect to the Cyberbit platform. Once you have registered you will receive connectivity test instructions to ensure you can connect to the Cyberbit servers.

* You will be assigned your date and time according to your local time zone

What information will I be asked to provide Cyberbit, for what purpose and what may Cyberbit do with it?
Please review the Competition Terms and Conditions under the Section “Right to Publish and Use Material about the Participant".

1 Hour duration

4 Hours duration

4 Hours duration


Top 10

Sports Kit

Abducted Death Star

Company- AT&T


Company- Kontoor Brands

Established Sheeshion

Company- Equinix


Company- Equinix






Royal Blue Triangle of Defense

Company- RBC






Company- Brewin Dolphin



Company- USAF


I Just Wanna Cry


QC Represent

Company- National Bank of Canada


Blitz Chess

Company- HKT LTD


PowerPuff Defenders

Company- Infosys


Cyber Unicorns

Company- British Army



CompanyWestern Alliance Bank




Company- Customers Bank



Company- Early Warning Services



Company- FRsecure



Company- CPX


Parts of Sand

Company- Texas Instruments



Company- ISSP

Blue's Boys

Company- BCC Grupo Cajamar



Tuk Tuk Warriors  

Company- National Bank of Canada



Company- EmiratesNBD


UNLV Team Alice!!

Company- University of Nevada


Baptist Bandits

Company- Baptist Health



Company- ByronLabs


Team Sailormoon

Company- Fraunhofer SIT



Company- Schlumberger



Company- Bupa Global Latin America 


Sigh, brrr (cause it’s always cold out) 

Company- Visions Federal Credit Union


Ask Michael 

Company- ISA


The Flinstones

Company- Infosys



Company- USAF



Company- Deepwatch


Blue Drankahs

Company- T-Mobile


$ echo Hello World 

Company- ARFC910CS




Company- Availity



Company- 910th Communication Squadron


Kernel Panic at the Disco



Company- Stephenson Technologies corporation

First, if your team’s name is listed above, a huge congrats!

Second, if it is, you will receive a separate email by the end of Friday, May 13, 2022, with a calendar invite to your slot for the semi-final. Come pumped!

Your team’s name not listed here? No worries. You can still see how Cyberbit can help you boost your cyber defense skills and maximize the impact of your team.

For inquiries, please contact us at

YAY! Now what?

Crown Point

Company- ScotiaBank Limited


Company- EY




The WAF of Khan

Company- Early Warning Services



Company- DoD SpaceForce

Illinois State Treasurer 

Company- Illinois State Treasurer