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What does it take to be the best defensive cyber professional in the world? Proof. Being the best is about a lot more than just saying you are the best; you need to be able to defend the network provided for you against complex attacks in a limited time, with fierce competition. The International Cyber League was founded to put your cyber skills to the test, detecting, investigating, and mitigating hyper-realistic attack simulations on Cyberbit, the world's most realistic cyber range. Each round will provide increasingly complex challenges, discovering and ultimately crowning just one team as the World’s Best Professional Defensive Cyber Team.

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How Does It Work?

The International Cyber League has four rounds:

You will be given access to a set of labs to help you prepare for each round. Make sure you take advantage of these labs as they could provide you with the competitive edge you need to move on!

1st Place

RAZER Blade Stealth Laptop

2nd Place

Apple iPhone
/OnePlus 8T

3rd Place

Apple/Samsung Watch

4th Place

AstroGaming A50
Wireless Headset


Team Jersey

What do you need to compete in the ICL?

You need your computer, a browser, a strong internet connection, your teammates and the ability to connect to Cyberbit. Once you have registered you will receive connectivity test instructions to ensure you can connect to the Cyberbit servers.

About Cyberbit

Cyberbit is the world’s leading provider of cyber skill development platforms. Cyberbit addresses one of the most acute cybersecurity challenges: preparing cybersecurity teams for attacks. The Cyberbit platform delivers a “Zero to Hero” skilling, training, and assessment solution on-demand dramatically increasing security team performance, improving teamwork, and improving evaluation, hiring, and certification processes. Customers include leading Fortune 500 companies, MSSPs, system integrators, academies and governments across 5 continents.


How do I know I’m registered?
You will receive a confirmation email once your registration has been processed.
When does registration close?
You can register up until February 20, 2021. Qualifiers begin on March 1st and start beforehand so early registration is recommended!
Where does the competition take place?
The International Cyber League is powered by Cyberbit and will take place on its platform. Cyberbit is accessed via your browser so you can compete from your home!
Who can take part in the competition?
Any blue team member currently employed by a corporate SOC or MSSP may participate. Teams must come from the same organization.
What does it cost to participate?
Participation is free of charge!
Is there a minimum age?
You must be at least 18 years old AND currently employed in a corporate SOC environment to participate.
How does scoring work?
Scoring is based on the Cyberbit platform. Each goal included on the platform contains a specific score tied to it. Hints will cost you points so use them wisely!

How do you build your team?

Each team is comprised of up to three members, all coming from the same organization’s security operations center or incident response team. Bring your best because you know your competition will be bringing their best cyber professionals. 

To compete in America’s Cyber Cup, all teammates must be based in North America.

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“International Cyber League” has been conceived to describe the Competition as a battle among teams of leading cyber security professionals.  “America’s Cyber Cup” is the trophy that will be awarded to the Team winning the Competition. 

America's Cyber Cup Begins March 1st, 2021 

How much time will the ICL require?
Each round will require a minimum of 2 hours and a maximum of 6 hours per week for the entire team. There is one round per week so the tournament will never exceed the aforementioned times.

About the International Cyber League 

International Cyber League Presents: America's Cyber Cup Powered by Cyberbit 

Prove You Are the World’s Best Professional Defensive Cyber Team

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Team Ranking Based on Performance in All Rounds




Hudson's Bay Company

Grace Hopper Has A Posse 



ISA Cybersecurity


The Marchwardens 
(American Express)


Game of Thone’s (USAF)







Hudson's Bay Company

The Winners Prizes

Grace Hopper Has A Posse

The Marchwardens

American Express

ISA Cybersecurity

(American Express)