Free live cyber range  training session  

Copyright © 2022 Cyberbit. Privacy policy

Copyright © 2022 Cyberbit. Privacy policy

Immerse in our virtual SOC using commercially licensed security tools  

Respond to live simulated cyberattacks based on real-world threats 

Get expert guidance and feedback from a dedicated cyber range instructor 

Our free cybersecurity training offer is designed for skilled SOC teams employing at least 8 full-time analysts. We allow groups of 2-6 analysts to train together at the same time. To qualify for our offer the training team needs to be full-time employees of an enterprise SOC. We reserve the right to withhold training from non-qualified teams. Existing customers are not eligible to participate.

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Why you should sign-up?

Request your cyber range exercise on this page
We will contact you to schedule your training
On the training day, your trainees will log in from their location
Our instructor will guide the exercise remotely over a video call
Your team will practice in mitigating a live, simulated cyber attack
Our instructor will debrief and provide tips for skill improvement

How the Training works?

We have opened our cyber range for remote SOC teams





Keep your SOC team fit and vigilant  

Learn from experienced cyber range instructors 

Test-drive your team's collaboration responding to a real incident

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Free cybersecurity training to help organizations challenged with maintaining training continuity for their information security teams as a result of recent restrictions.

Remote trainees will be able to experience the challenges of collaborating and responding to incidents in a distributed environment across the entire process of detecting, investigating and remediating the attack